You are currently viewing CONGRATULATIONS to our very own @nxyanka 

CONGRATULATIONS to our very own @nxyanka 

CONGRATULATIONS to our very own @nxyanka 👸🏾She’s wearing ohana Zara bikini in a very creative way 👙 Reposted from @marini.naturals – Excuse us as we serve you this Oriental delight! 🎎🍴🔥 A fine blend of African (Meru) + Indian cuisine, does it get more tantalizing than that? 🥘😋 She is fierce! She is sultry. She is sexy! She is none other than Nayanka Singh! (@nxyanka) Just one look at her and you can tell she’s got that x-factor! Shooting with her felt like shooting for Cosmopolitan Magazine! “Serve..slay..shoot!” 📸 . . @nxyanka is a top fashion and commercial model! This girl RUNS the runway! And she can belly dance too! Umm.. no surprise there I guess? 🤷🏾‍♀️😂 Years ago while we still had our old-range products, @nxyankareached out to us to be a brand ambassador. While we didn’t feel ready then, we kept her in mind until we got re-introduced by a mutual friend @neemankatha and the rest is history! 😍 . . @nxyanka may look fierce, but she is really such a calm and composed spirit. We love her for her beautiful, curly Type 3 hair, her warm nature, how she blends so easily with everyone she meets and of course, how she works that camera! 💃🏾 @nxyanka destiny has its way of bringing people together! You are such a perfect fit for our brand and we couldn’t be happier to have you! Welcome to the family, our Oriental Queen! 👸🏾 . 💁🏾‍♀️: @marini.naturals 💆🏾‍♀️: @afrosirisalon 💄: @suziebeautyke 📷: @mrmwaniki 📍: @sarova_hotels . 👙: @ohana.swimwear . . #FacesOfMarini2019 #GoodHairGoodLife #TheUneditedCampaign #MariniNaturals – #regrann

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