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About Ohana Family Wear

The word Ohana means family in the Hawaiian language, but in a much wider sense, to include not only one’s closer relatives, but also cousins, in-laws, friends, race, neighbours, or anyone else who is special in their life. The idea is that family and friends are bound together and everyone must work together and not forget each other. These are the values that our Company was founded on.

Everyone who wears Ohana feels like they belong to a community. Our platform creates a safe space for our consumers to freely express themselves, own who they are, inspire and support each other. The company’s message and core values are derived from the meaning of the name ‘Ohana’ – a larger family that is not necessarily connected by blood. The people within it are bound together by genuine compassion, culture, support, loyalty, and love for each other.

Ohana Swimwear was officially founded in April 2018 by Neema Nkatha Kinoti. She founded the company when she was twenty-four years old and the idea came to her a year earlier out of a personal need. She was planning a trip overseas and when looking for authentic swimwear that represents her heritage, she could not find any in the country. Her vision is to Champion for Africans Swimming and Change the narrative that Africans don’t swim.

Our Vision

Our Vision Statement is Championing for Africans Swimming.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to ensure Africans of all walks of life have access to swimwear that gives them the confidence to step into the water.


We often hear the statement “Africans don’t swim”. A statement that is, unfortunately, true. The World Health Organization noted that drowning deaths are highest in Africa at rates that are 15- 20 times higher than in developed countries. While there are various reasons why we don’t swim, what is undeniable is that people need to see that swimming is an essential skill. At Ohana Swimwear, we are doing our part by ensuring that Africans from all walks of life have access to swimwear that gives them the confidence to step into the water.

Ohana Family Wear Limited was formed to create Direct-to-Consumer Bathing Suits that give a wonderful experience when shopping with us. The goal is to not only create a curated collection of beautiful, timeless swimwear products for all but to also celebrate the African roots.

Our signatures are piped detailing and clever design details that offer coverage but is still rooted in our core unique prints and colours. They are well-fitted and aesthetically pleasing. You look good and feel good, in the right type of fabric that’s actually meant for water.

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